Real Time Situational Awareness

The GroundHound is the only Instrument with Remote Alarm Review for Real Time Situational Awareness.

Alarms are reviewed from a safe distance via an Apple iPhone or Android smart phone and does not require or encourage a crewman to walk over to view or touch the instrument under unsafe Ground Potential Rise (GPR) conditions or dangerous Transient spikes.

By Interfacing the GroundHound Sensor to a smartphone we are able to capture and process information right at the foreman’s fingertips and provide real time situational awareness. Because alarms are logged, information can also be exported in report form for later evaluations.

GroundHound Monitors and Alarms a Variety of GPR Conditions.
The sensor unit has both visual and audible alarms that are bright enough and loud enough for the crew to hear over the ambient sound of the trucks at the site.

The sensor communicates via ZigBee wireless communication, which has been proven the most reliable communication protocol for electrically noisy environments.

Features DataSheet (PDF)
GroundHound DataSheet (PDF)

App is available in Apple format.

Download the GroundHound User’s Manual App on the Apple iTunes App Store.