• Only System with Remote Set-Up & Alarm Review & Reset
    • Set-up and any alarms are reviewed from a safe distance via an Apple iPhone. It does not require or encourage a crewman to walk over to view or touch the instrument under unsafe Ground Potential Rise (GPR) conditions.
  • Real Time Multi-Function GroundHound Monitors and Alarms a Variety of Conditions
    • Alarms at 3 Voltage-levels of GPR
    • Visual warning levels when safety equipment isn’t required
    • Both audible and visual when the GPR has risen to the point that safety equipment must be used
  • Distinct Audible Alarm for Bursts or Transients Not Detected by Other Monitors
    • The sensor unit has both visual and audible alarms. It is bright enough and loud enough for the crew to hear it over the sounds of trucks at the site
    • The sensor sends a message and alarm to the phone using ZigBee, the most reliable communication protocol for electrically noisy environments. When the message arrives the phone alarms audibly and vibrates, alerting the foreman.
    • The ZigBee protocol is designed to pair the phone and lock to the instrument for each session.
Incident Prevention, Inc. Electric Power Research Institute