Mobile Apps Released for GroundHound Site-Safety Warning System

New mobile apps for both iPhone and Android platforms give high voltage workers at the job site instant access to procedures, instructions and components of the GroundHound site-safety instrument.


October 22, 2015

Instrumentation Industry-leaders, Advantage Electronic Product Development announce the release of a mobile app allowing GroundHound Site-safety Warning System users to access a new updated GroundHound Instruction Manual. The real time Ground Potential Rise (GPR) monitor is compatible with Android or Apple’s iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTouch. The free GroundHound mobile apps are designed to enhance the instrument’s efficiency and create an excellent customer experience. It is available from Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

Remotely controlled by an iPhone or Android phone, the GroundHound measures, warns against and records voltage rises that result in step and touch potential, transient surges and other ground potential rise at high voltage work sites eliminating the need to enter dangerous ground or touch the instrument. It senses and delivers comprehensive, timely and actionable information when there is danger for high voltage workers on the ground. The apps are designed to give workers the freedom to access and manage their instructions on the spot.

The development of the mobile apps allows for more efficient crew training, fingertip reference and better control of the instrument. Now the instrument’s iPhone or Android manual can be downloaded from the same device controlling the instrument and from any other device the crew may find convenient. The handheld control unit, a smart phone, is clipped to the foreman’s belt so he will already have it available to consult the manual.

According to the firm’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Jody Singleton, “These apps are crucial because they allow line-workers in potentially dangerous situations the ability to access the most current existing GroundHound instructional manual anytime, anyplace by utilizing the same handheld device they are already using to control the instrument. These enhanced mobile tools give us another opportunity to deliver added convenience and value, giving customers the ability to manage, troubleshoot and access their instructions on demand.”

The free app is available today through the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

About GroundHound:

The site-safety instrument provides high-voltage workers with real-time situational awareness through site monitoring, warning and recording of dangerous conditions associated with Ground Potential Rise, Step & Touch Potential and high voltage spikes called Transients. Originally developed for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), under the government’s technology transfer program, Advantage Electronic Product Development was awarded an exclusive international license covering all product development, sales and manufacturing of this DOE patented technology.

Download the GroundHound User’s Manual App on the
Apple iTunes App Store or
Google Play Store.

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