Drawing for a Drone

The GroundHound staff extends a hearty “thank you” to all of you who stopped by our booth at the Loveland, Colorado Incident Prevention Conference and received a demonstration of our Real Time Site Safety Monitoring and Alarming System.

To show our appreciation we would like to offer drawing for a super-cool drone. Drop us a line at our website’s contact page to get entered in the drawing. Type the word “DRONE” into your contact email and get your entry in by midnight August 15, 2018. The drawing will be held September 1, 2018.

Thanks too, to Western Area Power Association’s Gary Zevenbergen P.E. … Safety Trainer, Electrical Engineer, and Co-inventor of the GroundHound Site Safety Monitor for taking the time to demonstrate the GroundHound at the convention.

Ground Potential Rise Hazard Monitoring

With the tremendous increase in demand for power and expansion of infrastructure comes greater risk for more workers on the job site. Although workers are thoroughly trained, high voltage accidents still take place. Even well-trained linemen may not often realize that nearby energization and faults in substation or transmission lines can result in dangerous conditions. Concern over these risks is what spurred The GroundHound inventors to find solutions to prevent shock incidents caused by the phenomenon of “Ground Potential Rise” (GPR), “Earth Potential Rise” (EPR), also called “Step & Touch” – “step voltage” – “touch voltage” and “transfer touch voltage.” Their goal was to give high voltage workers on the ground warning of unexpected dangerous events. Ours was to build it to be accurate, safe to operate and provide high voltage workers with the best real time situational awareness possible.

We invite you to look at our website and see what The GroundHound can do for your crews.

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